Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Ahhhh skin. Your best friend/your worst enemy. Let's take a look at some of the things I’ve learned about skin over the past 10 years. And trust me, I’ve been through it ALL.

Shot by Mac Coelho

Here’s a little background information on mine:

-Age 15-23: best skin EVER.

-Age 24: worst skin EVER.

-Age 25: got on Accutane. Harsh treatment, quit in the middle.

-Age 27: skin and I are friends now.

So, as you can see my skin and I have had our ups and downs, but boy am I happy where we're currently at. Trying to get your best skin yet? Try following two or more of the tips i've listed here and then watch yourself glow, girl.

- Water!!!! The moment I started drinking a good amount of water every day my skin started glowing…like really glowing. One random week I decided to try this gallon water challenge and drink a gallon of water a day (excessive, I know). That week, my face was purged of all the toxins so there were a few days where I wasn’t happy with my skin, but after that the glow appeared. My skin was more supple, my lips were never chapped and my cheeks were nice and rosy. I didn’t need makeup after that. Now a days, I try to drink at least half a gallon. My body asks for water every few hours so its not that hard to keep up with anymore.

- Tanning beds are not your friend. When I first started tanning, I was like omg why didn’t I do this earlier? I looked like a bronzed goddess all of the time. But then I started noticing my face getting excessively oily. And then the breakouts came. Followed by the scarring…I’m not saying that tanning beds are the cause of acne/bad skin, but they definitely do not help it!! Now I just use a self tanner.

- Don’t touch your face…just leave that for the experts. The only thing I recommend is cleaning out your nose of blackheads/dirt. Just use some toilet paper on your fingers and squeeze until you see it all coming out. I recommend doing this right after the shower since your pores are open from the hot steam and the room is still warm.

- Wipe your face often. On the days I don’t wear makeup, I carry around face cleansing wipes to use throughout the day, wiping in between errands or workouts. I use natural wipes so I don’t dry out my skin. It just keeps your face clean and balanced.

- Wash your face for real. Remember that washing your face is a part of taking care of your skin. Don’t just wet it and think its clean. Rub all around in circular motions, really get around your nose, and all around your hairline. You want to get all the dirt and oil out.

- Consistency is key. Miracles don't happen overnight, and neither does good skin. Don't buy a new product and expect to see immediate results. Before sharing a good product with you guys on instagram, I always test it out for about 2 weeks because I know thats how long it's going to take to see some changes. Stick to your skin care routine as you would your exercise and diet routine, and I promise your face will thank you later.

- If you have great skin, take care of it! I cannot say this enough. I attribute part of my skin issues to the way I treated my body and my face. I was not on a great diet, drinking often (college), and not sleeping enough. Eventually, it all caught up to me and hit me like a bomb. Drink your water, get your z’s and eat your greens! Your skin will thank you for what you put in your body. It all starts from within.

CAUTION: the side effects of reading this post may result in supple skin, reduced wrinkles, brighter features, and a glamorous glow.