Updated: Nov 15, 2019

I’m talking about beauty tools. Let me explain..

Shot by Chris Cao

Soooo I made a youtube video explaining exactly how I get my everyday beach waves. Honestly, I think it’s a little long and could get kind boring (I sell myself so well, I know) but if you really want to know exactly what I do; click here. If you don’t, its cool. Because I’m here to explain what beauty tools I use and why size matters:

First things first, this is the brand of the curling irons I use. Yes, they’re curling irons, but I removed the clamp and made them a wand because I think it's easier to use. I use this brand because almost every hairstylist I’ve worked with has used Hot Tools. The price point is great, and in the 7 years i've been using their curling irons, I've had zero issues (but feel free to use the brand that works best for you). Now let's move on to the dirty details of why size matters.



½ INCH: If you have natural spirals, this ones for you. This barrel will give you extra defined curls and is a good one for babes with afro like hair.

1 INCH: the most basic barrel size. You or someone you know probably owns a 1 inch curling iron. I like to use this barrel for tight-relaxed waves, if that makes sense. These are the waves that look like you did your hair, but still give off that boho beachy vibe.

1 ¼ INCH: My personal fave. That extra quarter inch makes such a difference. These are the waves you see that look like maaaaybe the person did their hair, or maybe they just have naturally pretty waves. I like this barrel size because you can do your hair in the morning, and if it falls throughout the day, you still have that carefree bend in your hair.

1 1/2 inch: This is great for gals who have a lot of--and very long--hair. This barrel will give you separation with a nice bend; or what I’d like to call "a very chill wave". This is also a great barrel to use when you pick up your hair and want those little “natural” wispy bangs to fall out in front.

Any barrel size tips you want to share? Got a question? Comment below and let's chat!

Now go spread the word: size always matters.