Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It was a wonderful weekend. And when I say wonderful, I mean wild. I went to Saint Barths for my friends Bachelorette, so I’ll spare you all the party details. What I will share is all the things you need to know if you plan on going to Saint Barths. Ready for the ride? Lets jump in..


So in order to get to Saint Barths, you have to fly into Saint Maarten. The flight over was just under 3 hours. When you arrive to Saint Maarten, you have 3 options. You can take another 15 min flight on a very small plane chartered through the local island airline, you can take the island ferry, or you can charter your own boat. We weren’t able to transfer through a connecting flight because the timing of our arrival did'nt match the departure of the islands airline; and the flights are extremely limited. So a boat it was. We decided to charter a personal boat because they offered drinks on arrival (very bachelorette-y of us) and it fit all 10 girls. The waters are extremely rough on the way over, but our captain maneuvered the waves very well. I will say, if you are scared of rough oceans, this might not be the option for you. The waves looked like they were going to swallow us, but we all arrived safely. When we arrived, the ferry was also arriving and there were paramedics ready to take sick people off of the ferry. The downside to the ferry is it rolls over the waves so there is an extremely high chance of one getting seasick. Our captain also took care of all of our customs paperwork upon arrival so we did not have to wait in any lines when we got there. All-in-all, the boat charter was a success.


The island doesn't have Uber, and is very limited on taxis. The bride arranged all transportation pickups before our arrival, so when we got to the island, we had two sprinter vans waiting for us. There are different options you can use, and I would say they are all similar in price and performance. Throughout our entire trip, the two sprinters were always on time to pick us up and take us to our daily destinations. Before our nightlife adventures, we exchanged whatsapp information with the driver so we were able to send him a quick text when we were ready to be picked up. One thing you should note; the drivers only accept Euros for payment. Every girl was prepared to pay for two rides on the trip. Day time trips were 35€ and nighttime trips were 45€.


I can’t say enough amazing things about where we stayed. As a group of 10 girls, we decided to rent a beautiful villa overlooking the ocean. Our house manager, Pierre, was phenomenal and brought us freshly baked croissants and baguettes every morning. He was in contact with the bride weeks before our trip making sure we had everything we needed before we arrived. Groceries were delivered the morning of our arrival and there was a daily cleaning service that would come and tidy up the place while we were gone. The views from the house were unbelievable and we felt extremely safe while we were there. Pierre told us there was no need to lock anything, but there were some locks in our bedrooms if we felt the need. A lot of you guys had so many questions about where we stayed so I’m linking the rental property here.


Our second day on the island, we chartered a catamaran to sail us around. We used this company, and they were amazing. Our captain was Nicolas, and we also had a hostess for the day. We had an open bar, which included some “island punch” but we also brought our own alcohol since we were such a big group. Anytime anyone said “I want a….” our hostess was ready to deliver. They also prepared our snacks and served us the sandwiches we brought for lunch. Nicolas gave us different options to do throughout the day, so we started off by going to a quiet little beach surrounded by beautiful mountains. We then sailed around for a bit, and ended our trip by going to Shellona Beach. He also made a pit stop where we were able to jump off of some 18ft cliffs! No words can describe how great our crew was and how easy they made our day. They even called the taxis for us when we were heading back to the marina.


Eddys - The first night we arrived we went to a place called Eddy’s for dinner. It had a nice ambience and the food was absolutely delicious. I got the truffle chicken and I’m still dreaming about it. There were also lots of local fish options to choose from. Eddy himself made an appearance at our table making sure everything was to our liking and when he found out we were there for a bachelorette he gave us a free round of shots.

Nikki Beach - If you’re looking for a place to day drink and have a fabulous lunch, this is where you’ll want to go. If you follow me on insta you might remember the XXL bottles of Rosé they brought to our table. They also had a massive sushi boat for everyone to share. Lunch was followed by a live DJ and of course, dancing on the tables with the bride. I will spare you all the bachelorette-y things we did but I will tell you this was the priciest place on our trip. If you come here, be prepared to spend some cash.

Le Ti - Our final night on the island we went to Le Ti for dinner, a show, and some dancing. This was a one stop shop for all things fun. While we ate, there were some burlesque-ish performances to enjoy with some good music playing in between. When we were just about done with dinner, the performers invited all guests to come and dance on stage. The DJ was great and we danced the night away. They also had fun props for you to put on, like hats, glasses and coats.


If you like adventure, you have to visit the natural pools at Petit Cul De Sac. Since it was very close to our villa, we decided to walk our way to the cliffs. You definitely need sneakers or water shoes for this hike, because it’s a serious one. There are times you have to crawl up or down rigid rocks to get across, and once you get closer to the pools, the waves start splashing water on the cliffs making them extra slippery. The views of the natural pools are amazing, and make the hike down worth it. Be careful with the sea urchins, they like to hang out on the rocks in the water. But if you jump in with your sneakers, you’ll be fine.

Leaving the island was a sad day. We used the same transportation as we did getting over, so just make sure you have your rides scheduled beforehand. We had wanted to do some quick shopping before heading out, but the stores were closed on Sunday. So if you want to shop, make sure you choose a day during the week. All-in-all, Saint Barths was amazing. A perfect mix of party and relaxation. If you are planning to visit the island soon and have a question I didn’t address, feel free to ask in the comment section!

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