Does anyone know of an amazon anonymous club? Bc I need to be there * girl hiding face emoji * I mean, whats not to love. It's so quick and easy, plus prime gets all the free shipping. I literally amazon EVERYTHING (even my paper towels) so I’ve rounded up my top favorite amazon finds to share with you! This list is compiled of the most random items, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya..

Revlon One-Step Hairdryer: I got this for Nic as a Christmas gift because I was tired of him taking my blow dryer to the gym with him. Turns out its so great, I bought one for my mom too. I don’t recommend drying your entire head with it, but it’s really great when you need to re-up your bangs, or after that sweaty-but-not-sweaty-enough-to-wash-your-hair gym class

Surge Protector: I know, this is a mundane item; but hear me out: I like to have both my curling irons plugged in for extra volume. Sometimes I like my straighter out too so I can get those little bendy hairs by my forehead….but then my phone is dying and I need to charge it but its gotta be close so I can get that text when someone’s arriving….enter the surge protector. Problem solved. This one has little USB slots so I can charge my phone and it has a ton of outlets so I can plug in allll my hair tools AND my google mini so I can play music. You’ll thank me later.

Eufy Robovac 30C: Lifesaver. No explanation needed. But this is the robovac I have incase you’re looking for one too.

Wireless Christmas Tree Remote: It’s not an actual Christmas tree remote but that’s what I’ve named it. How annoying is it to crouch down underneath the tree, find the plug, find the outlet, and then do it again tomorrow? This plug always stays connected to the tree and the wall and all you have to do is click your remote and * voila * Christmas magic.

Packing Cubes: I’ve shared these with you guys, and they might actually be the cutest packing cubes online. Yes, they make a difference, no I’m not exactly sure how. But I use them every time I go somewhere.

Gel Nail Polish Remover: Basically nail polish which craft. Works in less than 10 minutes. Say goodbye to sitting at the salon with wet foil wrapped around your fingers forever.

Memoryfoam Dog Bed: You know how much we love Nike, so it’s without a doubt she has a great bed. This one has orthopedic memory foam so it’s extra comfy on her bones. Its really easy to wash and put back together. I used to wash it once a week because I’m a germ freak, but it slowly (2 years) started falling apart so now I chill with the washing and the new one is holding up pretty well. This is our second one in 4 years.

Leopard Biker Shorts: I get compliments on these EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I wear them. I’ve shared these with you guys a lot because someone is always asking! Perfect for those summer days in Miami.

Metal Apple Watch Band: My favorite Apple watch band to use when I’m not working out. Love how cute it looks when I stack bracelets with it. And the best part is, its under $20.

Renpho Bluetooth Scale: I’m not sure how this scale works but it does. It scans your feet and gives you your body composition and more. If you want more details, I’ve saved this under my highlights.

Dog Brain Game: This is a fun brain game for Nike. We usually put blueberries or chopped up peppers inside. Anytime she hears us take it out she gets so excited so I know she’s a fan.

Deshedding Conditioner: Yes it works!! Trust me when I say, you need this. We cannot bathe her without this. Nike has really sensitive skin so we were worried how she would react to this but it’s nothing but great. The only annoying part is you have to sit with her and rub it in for exactly 5 minutes - any less and it doesn’t work as well. So worth it in the end.

So this rounds up my top picks from Amazon in the year 2019. If you guys buy any of these and love them as much as I do, let me know! Love hearing what you guys have to say.

Happy shopping. xo