Updated: Nov 30, 2021

You know what they say, there’s no place like home. So that’s why I wanted to make mine as cozy and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I'm constantly getting questions about things I have in my home, so I decided to create this blog post in order to keep you guys in the loop. In a hurry? Jump to the end of the article and i've linked everything for you there.


I felt a little pressure decorating the foyer, because it’s the first thing people see when they arrive. And first impressions are everything. I knew that this would not be our forever home, so I wanted to do something fun but tasteful. I went with this wallpaper, which I found at Target. We needed 2 rolls, (3 for safety) to cover the entire area. We installed the wallpaper ourselves, and it took around 3 hours. When we moved into this apartment, we lost a lot of storage space, so I immediately decided to add some storage in the foyer for all of the random things you need but you don’t really need. I chose a white campaign dresser as the entrance piece. Since it’s a smaller than a usual dresser in size, it worked perfectly for the area. (note* the dresser is currently sold out, so I’m linking a similar version here – if this dresser also sells out, you can always search white campaign dresser).

After installing the wallpaper and the dresser, I wanted to tone down the glamorous vibe that I was getting, so I decided to hang a rounded mirror above the dresser. This helped bring the room back down to earth, especially with its thin gold frame. As for the trinkets on top, I found them all at HomeGoods on a lucky day.


The hardest part about the kitchen was finding the place to store things. We came from an apartment with 1 pantry and 11 cabinets, and we had to fit alllll of our things into the current 5. The city life is a minimalist life, right?! *insert nervous laugh*. I got rid of a lot of stuff, but it was stuff that I was keeping for no reason. We striped down to the basic cooking essentials, and made it work. The only negative thing was now we had no place to put our dinnerware.

So I had Nic built me beautiful wooden open shelves. I searched hard and long to find some that were perfect for the space but no luck. I drew out what I was envisioning, decided on a good size, and he went to work. He cut, nailed, stained everything himself, so I will give him all the credit. Unfortunately, his work is not for sale, so I would suggest finding a woodworker to create something perfect for your space. As for the bar stools, I wanted something warm but modern. I liked the leather look, and I wanted them peeking above the countertop ever so slightly. Again, I knew we weren’t going to be staying here forever, so I wanted to find the best bang-for-my-buck. I decided on these faux leather chairs from Target and they have been perfect. We’ve been using them daily for about 2 years and I have nothing negative to say about them. Our building has a bit of spanish charm, with patterned tile out by the pools and lots of luscious greenery so I decided to match that vibe for our kitchen backsplash. I spent a day visiting tile and marble stores in Miami and ended up choosing some black and white patterned ones from Santa Rosa Marble.


Before we get into the living room, I want to talk about the transition between the kitchen to the living. I figured a mirror would be perfect because it's separation that doesn’t look too stuffy. I got this mirror from Ikea, which reflects the gallery wall I have on the opposite end. This wall is definitely a hit, everyone always has something great to say about it. I got these frames from target, and printed 8x10 photos in black and white in a matte finish. To avoid a cluttered look, I didn’t make all of the frames a photo. I created our initials on word, and just had them enlarged when I took them to get printed (which was at CVS btw). We framed Nike’s paws as the center of the gallery wall, and also printed out a map of Miami to fill in another spot.

Now, into the living room. I wanted to do something fun over the couch, so I went with these wall planters from west elm. *edit: I got bored of the platers and now have custom frames from Tuva Arts (@tuva.arts) but im not sure if they're taking custom orders at this time.* I’m not a fan of a lot of things on the floor, so when I found this floating tv unit I fell in love. Our large planter is from West Elm, and can be used indoors or out, which I love. One thing I kept in mind when buying our pieces was the fact that we will move into a house one day and I didn’t want to limit myself to things that could only work in this space.


The bedroom has always been a special place for me. When I walk into my bedroom I want to feel at peace, cozy, and happy all at the same time. I still smile when I walk into my bedroom so thats how I know I did a good job. I knew I wanted a lot of white, because that’s what brings me a sense of calm and coziness; so I went with this bed frame, and these nightstands. As much as I wanted to get fluffy white sheets, we have Nike, a black lab. So I went with this duvet and I couldn't be happier. The texture on it makes it feel so luxe.

I couldn’t find a dresser that I loved, so I decided to create our own. I bought this plain dresser from Ikea, and had Nic saw off the legs to make it a flat bottom. We stained the bottom base a dark brown, the same as our kitchen shelves, so that way our whole apartment would tie in together. Then we painted the entire dresser white. I found these knobs on CB2 and installed them once the paint dried. I also used a gold plated backsplash for the knobs for a more refined look. We finished the top with a clear coat to protect the surface, but I try to never put anything on it anyways. That’s why I have this long rectangular tray. Big enough to fit what we need on it, but small enough to not look cluttered. I wanted to create some room on our nightstands, so I had the idea of hanging lights above them. I found these on Wayfair, and Nic and his dad installed them in a day. You can also hire a handy man to do this. We used Hue smart bulbs in our entire apartment so we are able to turn the lights on and off by asking our Google home. Its extremely convenient when you just got comfy in bed...and then you realized you left the bathroom light on. Once the lights were installed, I felt the room needed just one more touch. I had the idea of placing these mirrors behind them to help make the room look bigger. I was unsure about it at first, so I left them leaning against the wall for a week and when I removed them was when I was sure that they needed to stay there permanently. I found our wicker trays at Target, but unfortunately those are sold out. I'll link some similar ones here. I wanted something simple over our bed this time, so I went with these large frames from Ikea. I found the palm prints on etsy and had them printed to fit the frame.


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