Who doesn't love a cute workout set? That's probably the only thing that'll motivate me to get up and get moving. I've tried lots of brands throughout the years, and at one point I had a serious obsession (I blame teaching pilates every day). Today i'm laying out all my favorites for ya. Did my best to find some for the girl thats on a budget, and the girl thats ready to splurge. Now go on and get your seat on.


Every girl needs a pair of basic black workout gear - something that you can mix and match with regular clothes or another pair of leggings/sports bra. You'll want to invest in the black pieces because these will never go out of style and you can rewear them till the end of time. Here are my favorites:


I personally love buying sets more than buying a sports bra here and a legging there. I like to have a wide variety of colors because you can mix them together or keep it uniform. Here are some of my current faves:


I have no shame in admitting i'm a part of the I.B.T.C. (itty bitty titty committee) Wanna know what the best part is? You can basically wear whatever you want. Low cut sports bras aren't realistic...unless you're a part of the committee. Here are some cute bras that only we can get away with:


Got a larger bust? I've been jealous of you my whole life. I know you need some extra support, so here are the cutest (but also supportive) sports bras I could find:


You either love it or you hate it. I'm personally a fan so here are some cute ones i'm wild about. No pun intended.


Another thing you either love or hate. I'm a huge fan during this Miami heat. Still covers my booty but doesn't make me sweat my life away if i'm working out outside. Here are some cute ones!


Don't see anything you like? Here are some of my favorite brands so you can browse:

- ALO Yoga

- Lululemon

- Carbon 38

- Strut This

- Target Active

- Spiritual Gangster

- Bandier

- Free People Movement