I never thought I would be this kinda person but here I am, writing a blog post about my dog...but if you're reading this that means you're probably like me too. If you follow me on instagram you know how much I love my girl, Nike. She's a black lab mixed with some pit bull. My boyfriend, Nic, got her when he was in college, and I met her when she was 3. She's the sweetest dog I've ever met, but she does have some strong jaws so i've got to be extra picky with her toys. She's also got pretty sensitive skin (apparently a bully trait) so we have to bathe her once a week before she scratches her skin off. Here's what a typical day looks like for Nike.

7AM: Wake up mom and dad for breakfast. We are currently feeding her Ollie and she LOVES it. So much so, that waking us up for breakfast is a new thing. She never used to whine at us in the morning, but now she knows what her breakfast is and she literally makes us get out of bed and feed her. How do I know it's the food? Once she is served, she lets us go back to sleep and won't bother us until we get up.

10AM: Morning walk. We use a Ruffwear harness. We used to use a regular collar but we have so much more control of her with a harness. Now we only use her collar when we're going in the ocean so her harness doesn't get ruined.

10:30AM: Post walk wipe down. We use these natural wipes to wipe her paws before we enter our apartment. We live in a city and there are so many gross things on the floor (spit, unidentified liquids, dirty water) I don't mind taking the extra 3 minutes to wipe her paws and legs so she doesn't track that inside. It also helps her skin because if she scratches herself with dirty paws her skin gets irritated quicker.

1PM: Afternoon snooze. She loves afternoon naps and I often catch her dreaming. Since she's the princess of the house, her bed is an orthopedic memory foam bed. It's definitely a good investment because we've had it for years and it holds up to my weekly washes. It has two removable liners, the second one is waterproof; so if your pup ever has an accident on it, it'll still be as good as new. On her bed she also has a blanket that resists shedding and she loves cuddling on.

3PM: Play time. AKA her favorite time. She loves playing fetch, but she also likes playing tug of war, so we have to make sure to buy her sturdy toys. Her favorite fetch toys are her frisbee and her kong ball. She'll tear up one of those tug ropes in a minute, so we had to buy her a rubber tug toy that she wouldn't be able to destroy. If it's an extra hot day, we'll bring her water bottle.

5PM: Snack time. Nike only eats one meal a day (breakfast) so we like to give her whole, raw food in the evening time. If i'm cooking some veggies i'll usually cut up a sweet potato or zucchini for her. She also loves cucumber, watermelon, blueberries, and bell peppers. Sometimes i'll cut up some veggies into bite size pieces and put them in her brain game. It takes her a bit to get to all of them but it's a good way to keep her out of the kitchen and entertained. If i'm not cooking, I'll either give her her bristly with some peanut butter (make sure theres no Xylitol!! It's deadly) or some of her Ollie snacks.

9PM: Couch cuddles and bed time.

On days when neither of us are home, we check in on her with the Furbo dog cam. It's a wide lens camera that throws treats and we are able to talk to her through the speaker. It also alerts us when she's barking; and if you pay for the dog nanny, it'll alert you for other things like when she's being active or takes a selfie.

Like I mentioned earlier, she gets weekly baths because her skin is so sensitive. We have to use an all natural shampoo on her to prevent itching and redness. We usually bathe her on the weekends but sometimes life happens and we can't get to it. When it's been a little over a week and she still hasn't gotten a bath we use a waterless shampoo to hold her over. I do this out on the balcony because she sheds some hair but it's like dry shampoo for their fur. My favorite part about bath time? Her conditioner! If you have a shedding dog i'm about to save your life. I discovered this conditioner in the back of an old vet warehouse and it has been a GAME CHANGER. When we don't bathe her with this, the amount of hair she releases is so noticeable. It is a pretty big bottle to carry around so we transfer it into a water bottle to save space. We also use the furminator but the reality is we don't always make time for that. The conditioner is just so much easier!

Hope you enjoyed a glance into Nikes royal life. Do you have any must-have dog recs? Please share!